Hello. Welcome to my Website.
Since I am not a professional web designer, I hope you will like the new format.
I will do my best to keep the site interesting, updating it regularly with new and interesting creations. I will not bore you with information about me, instead I invite you to jump right in the Portfolio section where the juicy stuff is.
And if you actually like it you can Order a print after my already made images or a new painting I will make specially for you.
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My Portfolio is Updated and Better!!!
Thanks to the Lightbox, I managed to simplify the gallery, and to bring a little visual appeal in to it. New graphics will be posted every month so please come back to check on the updates.
I hope you'll enjoy my graphic as much as as I've enjoyed making it.
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What is with the Order Page?

The Order Page contains a special form to help those that wish to buy one of my creations, or to commission a new one, and for the moment the only way to do it.
In the future I intend to ad an Online Store and a Downloading function, so you can buy faster and convenient what you want.